To you who may be interested in making an application to the Vermeer Charitable Foundation:
Welcome to our website! 

Members of our family have been involved in the work of Vermeer Charitable Foundation (VCF) since the early 1970s both as directors and as officers. It has been a humbling and gratifying experience. A growing legacy of following the Biblical principles of stewardship and responsibility as well as the joy of giving and thankfulness are at the heart of VCF.

As Vermeer Corporation has grown, so also has Vermeer Charitable Foundation. Local focus continues to remain strong as VCF supports many civic, church and educational needs from the central Iowa area where we draw our valued Vermeer Team Members. Vermeer Corporation’s technology and expertise have proven to be additional resources to be used through the foundation toward disaster relief as well as contributing to better quality of life, as grants to select domestic organizations can effect change for people around the world.

Three generations of the Vermeer family shareholders now serve as directors on the Board of VCF. Their passions have changed and challenged the foundation over the years. “Bricks & Mortar” type projects somewhat dominated the early years and then education and scholarships became a growing interest, especially as it impacted our team members’ children. Environmental protection and business mentoring are more recent focuses for the foundation.
With everything Vermeer does, the 4P philosophy is incorporated, combining principles, people, product, and profit and VCF is no exception.  VCF is a natural result of the 4P philosophy as it continues to seek to be not only reactive but also proactive to the world in which we live, thereby helping to make our world work.

Enjoy your visit to our website, and blessings to you in your charitable endeavors!


Mary Andringa
President of Vermeer Charitable Foundation
Chair Emerita of Vermeer Corporation

Tricia Vermeer
Executive Director of Vermeer Charitable Foundation
Mindi Vanden Bosch
Treasurer of Vermeer Charitable Foundation
Vice President, Operations, Vermeer Corporation